Grumpy cat (part 2) | Funny Grumpy cat memes

"Heeeellllpppp"... Grumpy cat sleeping...
"I love you, you love me?"... Grumpy cat "I hate you"

 "I'm gonna kill whoever said you were adopted"... Grumpy cat simply waits...

"God, I hate Christmas"... Grumpy cats thinks the same

"Slow down, you are gonna kill us both"... Grumpy cat "Good"

"Humans, you mean slaves?"... Grumpy cat - "I like you... sort of"

"Smelly cat" ... Grumpy cat doesn't like this.

Elton John "Can you feel the love tonight?". Grumpy cat - "NO"

Yoda - "Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering"... Grumpy cat - "and then?..."

 Paris Hilton "I feel like the whole world hates me". Grumpy cat - "They do"

"Did you smile today". Grumpy cat - "NO"

"Don't stop believing"... Grumpy cat - "Never started"

"Today the dog, tomorrow the world"... Grumpy cat - "Good"

Grumpy cat twin human

"Did I lose weight?"... Grumpy cat - "NO"

Grumpy cat makes fun of all evil cats

Grumpy cat - "I hope the cat get smashed with the door"

Girl: "My parents didn't like Grumpy cat"... Grumpy cat "I like you... sort of"

Grumpy cat in jail

Grumpy cat as the sphinx

"Omg it is Christmas"... Grumpy cat - "I dont care"

Grumpy cat - just thinking


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  2. Muhahah.... great fun

  3. Grumpy cat should lighten up

  4. lol soooooooooooooooo cool

  5. Well he is one popular cat for a reason. His memes are simply amazing and worth sharing. You got to love that frowning face.

  6. I simply adore the grumpy cat. He is grumpy but he is so damn cute

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