Funny animal memes (part 2)

The smart sheep: "I have gained Alpacas' trust - they still do not know I am a sheep"

Meet the Quokka - the happiest animal in the world

 Internet happy cat: "She wrote back "Hello" - we are going to get married"

The mommy dog: "I come with two subwoofers"

The drunk monkey is flirting: "Sooo... you come here often?" 

The ever-hungry dog: "Did someone say... left-overs?"

Playful dog: "Oh... hey, you are home early"

Jelly fish: "Good day sir, welcome to the aquarium"

Snail and tortoise: "OMG slow done - you are gonna get us killed"

Easy, breezy, beautiful... cover squirrel


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  4. Aww the Quokka is so cute. He seems to be smiling all the time even when he's asleep. He is like a little dose of sunshine on a sad day.

  5. Haha the peeking husky made me laugh. He is so tall and it reminds me a lot of my pet.

  6. That dog riding a pony is so cute. I want to let my dog try it.

  7. funny meme