Brutus the amazing grizzly bear

Brutus was born in January 2002. He spent his first few months in a six foot square steel box that was his mother’s cage at a captive bear facility. Bears born in situations like this can never be released into the wild for two reasons. A captive born cub lacks the two years of learning how to survive that wild bears receive while living with their mothers in nature. Also a bear born in captivity lacks the fear of humans that makes wild bears avoid dangerous interactions with humans. 

Although Brutus will never be able to roam the wilderness himself, instead he is a true ambassador for his wild cousins. Thousands of people come each year to see Brutus in his home at Montana Grizzly Encounter Rescue and Educational Sanctuary. There they learn a greater appreciation for grizzly bears and learn about bear safety, preservation and conservation. When he is not at home at the Grizzly Encounter, Brutus also travels the country appearing in films, television commercials and live educational shows. All proceeds support the sanctuary and further the cause of wild grizzly bear education and conservation.

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