Future animals /if no humans exist/

The Future Is Wild was a 2003 television series, which used computer-generated imagery to show a possible future of life on Earth if Homo sapiens became extinct -- and shows fictional living creatures in 5, 100 and 200 millions years from now. It has seven parts and is based on research and interviews with many scientists, and was played out in the form of a nature documentary.

Curiosity: the Discovery Channel softened the harsh outlook by stating the human race had completely migrated from the Earth and had sent back probes to examine the progress of life on Earth.

This video I made from cuts of original show. I wanted to show my favorites creatures. They are (in order of appearance):

Swampus: an amphibious octopus that can live in water and land, 4 of their 8 tentacles are modified in form of foots. It lives in swamps 100 million years from now.

Megasquid: an elephant-sized omnivorous terrestrial squid. Its 8 arms have evolved into walking legs. Lives in rainforests of 200 million years from now. It uses two long tentacles for feeding.

Flish: Analogue to theropod dinosaurs-birds, the fish went extinct, but they left descendents: a flying fish that lives in shores of 200 million year from now super-continent "pangea II".

Toraton: a giant animal that descends from turtles. Toraton is 23 feet (7 m) tall and weighs 120 tons. It lives in the same habitat of the swampus and is the biggest animal to take the floor on earth.

Great Blue Windrunner: My favourite one! In 100 million years in the future, It is a giant four-winged bird. It's legs have flight feathers on and can act as gliding surfaces. It lives in shores and in the summer migrates to a Great plateau, 12.000 m above sea level.

The music is from Yanni, "Looking glass" (edited).

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