March of the Penguins and "Flying Penguins"

Do you know that:
Penguins can adapt to various climates.
They waddle while walking.
Baby penguins have soft feathers. Those feathers are known as down.

Penguins live in large colonies called rookeries.
Penguins spend most of their lives in water.
Penguins have the ability to walk faster than humans.

Penguins use body language to communicate with each other.
They don’t fear humans but are endangered by oil spills, water pollution, and the over harvesting of ocean fish.
Penguins have more feathers per square inch and that keeps them warm in frigid waters.

Penguins are very social creatures.
Their body is insulated with a thick layer of blubber that keeps them warm.
Penguins can hold their breath under water - for about 20 minutes.

Rockhopper penguins have very loud calls and are very noisy.
Penguins are dresses in classic white and black. They are counter-shaded for camouflage.
The baby penguins count on their parents for food until they grow up with waterproof juvenile feathers.

Penguins can leap out of water while swimming.
They pick up stones and store them in their crop. This helps them to float when they are in water.
Penguins can control their blood flow through the amount of fat in their bodies.

Here is a very funny video – BBC: Penguins April fool joke:

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