The world's largest aquarium

The world's largest aquarium is located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA at Pemberton Place. It is a water home for more than 120 000 animals of 500 different species with more than 8.5 million gallons (31,000 m³) of marine and fresh water. The most famous aquarium's specimens include four young whale sharks, four manta rays, and four beluga whales.

The world largest aquarium is funded mostly by a donation from Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus. He donated more than $250 million. The aquarium was built on a 20 acre (81,000 m²) site north of Centennial Olympic Park in down-town Atlanta. Marcus credited his 60th birthday dinner at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in 1990 among the inspirations behind his desire to build an aquarium in Atlanta.

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