Donkeys interesting facts

Donkeys interesting facts:
- Donkeys were first domesticated around 4500 years ago. In those days having a donkey were a status symbol of their owners’ wealth, almost like having a Rolls Royce today.
- Donkeys can live for over 50 years.
- Donkeys do not have natural ‘waterproof’ coats like horses. Therefore donkeys need access to shelter.

- Donkeys are very strong and intelligent animals. Donkeys have an incredible memory - they can recognise other donkeys or animals, or even areas they were at - up to 25 years ago.
- Donkeys milk was once valued as a medicine and was given to premature babies, sick children and to people suffering from tuberculosis. The milk of a donkey contains much more sugar and protein than cow’s milk and also has less fat.
- Donkeys originate from desert areas of the Earth. In the desert environment a donkey is able to hear the call of another donkey 60 miles away, because donkeys have far larger ears than horses. Their large ears also help keep them cool.

- The Roman Army moved donkeys into Northern Europe. The Romans were using them in agriculture, vineyards and as pack animals. Donkeys came to England with the Roman invasion of Britain.
- Donkeys don't like being kept on their own. A single donkey will live quite happily even with some goats.
- Donkeys have a very tough and complex digestive system. It could break down almost inedible vegetation and at the same time extract and save as much moisture as possible.

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