Cool animals memes

“This meat was kinda strange”
“Have a nice day at work honey”

Friends – in good and bad...

Be what you always wanted to be.
The true love will overcome everything.

 “So... you are the one bothering our chicks”

“I will wait her... forever”

“Please – just one more game”

“Man... are you sure this was milk?”

Always be brave... no matter what.

 “I suppose you are staying for dinner... right?”

No pain... no gain.
“Who put those stairs here?”

Love is in the air... err.. not only in the air.
“Do you have a little bit more of this...”

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  1. Nice! A good mix of inspiration, comedy & awesome! 5/5, You should keep doing this ^U^ Trust me, I also do this sort of thing (I mean blogging)