Dorset polar bear mystery revealed – it turned out to be a badger

For the past year several people in Dorset County encountered a strange animal. It had a white fur and was rumoured to be a small polar bear (which is of course not possible). A photographer called Colin Varndell finally revealed the mystery by being able to take photos of the animal. It turned out to just be a badger. The rare albino badger managed to avoid any attempts to be tracked. The badger finally got photographed and it should be said that it is a small bear animal, nocturnal in habit.
Mr Varndell admitted that people have known about it for months. The first person to see it was a policeman and he described the animal as a small polar bear. Floodlights were used to take the pictures as Colin did not want to startle the badger. It is a very rare animal because of its sandy-colored fur, and Colin spent four nights waiting for the badger to take these pictures.

Slow Loris Kinako – eats rice balls

Slow Loris Kinako
The Slow Loris Kinako was born in Japan several years ago. It was bred in a pet store in Japan. The poisonous tooth of Kinako is not removed and she did not have any operations. Right now the Slow Loris Kinako is domestically breed and lives happily with her Japan owners.

The video above shows that Kinako loves rice and eat rice balls without any hesitation.