Fluffy – the lizard pet

David Robson, a young man from Bridlington has an unusual pet with the common name Fluffy. Now you probably imagine a cute little dog but Fluffy is actually a five-stone lizard that and it runs, jumps and is able to infuse the hearts of other animals with fear.

As any regular pet Fluffy goes for walks and loves playing with his owners and other people. David admits that older persons love Fluffy the most.

Robsons take Fluffy the pet-lizard to festivals in order to collect for charities and usually David holds him around his chest.

“The people think I hold a small child and are asking me to see the baby” – says David.

Robsons have a lot of animals in their home. There are several dogs and cats and Fluffy gets really well with most of them. When Fluffy arrived at home about 5 years ago he was only about 3in long. The lizard is now 5ft long from head to tail and weight more than 5st.

When Robsons got their latest cat as a just one month old kitten it went missing. They thought he was lost forever but found the kitten curled up next to Fluffy in his tank. Fluffy generates a lot of warmth from his body and probably attracted the kitten.

The pet-lizard Fluffy was trained the same was dogs are. Fluffy let his owners know when he wants to be let out or is tired or hungry. David uses a leash to lead him for walks and Fluffy recognizes the time and happily runs to the front door (just like a normal dog). He also loves running around the garden. Fluffy also likes doing night-walks but is very careful and silent and doesn’t break anything or wake anybody. There was a funny time when the lizard loved to climb over David’s father legs, sit on his face and then fall asleep. But the lizard is too big for his dad to move and he’d be pinned to the sofa.


  1. Having a lizard as a pet is not really that uncommon. I know quite a few people who have them. Although I don't see why they are good pets. I prefer fluffy pets.

  2. I know someone who have an iguana. But that is one big lizard.