James Bowen and Bob the amazing cat

James Bowen lives in London and he usually plays and sings around Covent Garden or near Angel. At a first glance there is nothing special about his pet – a ginger tomcat. If you stay there and observe for a while you will notice that Bob (the cat) is not like any other animals. Bob is not afraid of dogs or police sirens, he travels on the Tube or the buses like a normal human and even has an oyster card.

James found Bob five years ago accidently when Bob tried to follow him on a bus. Bob really believes he is human – many of his fans bring him presents from around the world and Bob feels comfortable around human beings.

James, who is 33 years old separates his life into two parts – before and after he met Bob. Before he met Bob, James was an addict and outcast. Bob gave him a meaning of his life to such an extent that James even wrote a book “A Street Cat Named Bob”. In this book he is telling the story of himself and Bob and he swears that every bit of it and true and amazing. James was lucky enough to find a publisher (a man who passed him every day near Angel) and hopes to be selling a lot of copies of the book.

Now James is a street performer and when Bob accompany him he usually receives a lot more money. But Bob the cat is not only a way for James to earn more money – he is a real friend. James doesn’t take drugs anymore and is happy that he has Bob and the he truly loves him.

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