Dogs and cats amazing memes

"The cat is behind me, isn't it?"

"Now I remember... it's birds that can fly... not cats"

"Get in the dryer he said... It will make you nice and warm he said... What can go wrong? he said"
"I'm really sorry cat... I forgot the fabric softener"

"Should i get them now?"
"No, not yet. Can't eat them because they are not cheeseburgers yet."

"Darn it. Marty, I just made that bad!"
"No, you did not. It's been here for years."

 "Hey cat, I'mma boop your head"

Optimistic cat... thinking: "lunch"

"We are sorry.. Monday will just have to be canceled."


  1. I love the booping picture. The jump of that dog is just crazy.

  2. That dog with a cat behind the back is epic. I like that the dog is white and his eyes are popping out.

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