Deadliest animals in the world

1. Mosquito
You are probably thinking about the itch when a mosquito bites you, but some of those very small animals are very deadly too. Two to three million people die every year of mosquitoes’ transmitted diseases and about six hundred million people annually are infected. The malaria specific mosquito carry is one of the deadliest diseases known to human beings.

2. African Elephant
The African elephant is the world biggest land animal. Elephants can be extremely aggressive and kill more than 500 people a year around the world. Weighting around 15 thousand pounds the elephant trample other animals like rhinos and lions and also people to death. Their tusks are very sharp and deadly too. Due to their amazing memory the elephants could be vengeful and raze whole villages to the ground during their rampage.

3. Blue Ringed Octopus
The little octopus holds enough venom to kill twenty people and there is no antidote for its poison. If a person gets bitten they will be paralyzed and unable to breathe in less than two minutes. However the person will remain conscious and even might survive if artificial respiration is done at a hospital for example. The human body itself could eventually handle the poison if the “little” breathing problem is neutralized.

4. Tse Tse Fly
Tse Tse Fly is a large blood sucking fly that is common for central and South Africa. It carries the African Sleeping Disease and is responsible for the death of two hundred thousand people every year. The African Sleeping Disease has two main stages. In the first one the victim experience fever, high temperature, muscle pain. The second stage is deadly and is known by the impaired sleeping cycle. The victim will experience fragmented sleep and wake periods during the day and night.

5. Australian Box Jellyfish
This Jellyfish is killing more people than other deadly animals as crocodiles and sharks. The Jellyfish could have up to sixty tentacles and each of them could be up to fifteen feet long. Each tentacle has enough venom to kill 60 human beings. Australian Box Jellyfish has been known as the “World’s most venomous animal”

6. Poison Dart Frog
The little colourful frog has enough venom to kill more than twenty thousand mice. The poison is actually located over the skin of the frog and will be transmitted on touch. There is enough toxin in each frog to kill ten humans.

7. Black Mamba
The Black Mamba is probably the most feared animal in the world. The Mamba is very agile, quick and aggressive. The Black Mamba attacks without being provoked and is deadly. More than ten thousand humans die every year due to its attacks.

8. Stonefish
The Stonefish lies camouflaged on the bottom of the ocean and ambushes its unlucky prey. It is so fast and deadly that escape is impossible. To make the things worse the Stonefish is covered with venomous spines and the poison is deadly with no antidote discovered.


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  2. What freaked me out is the frog and the jellyfish. The frog's color is amazing but to know that it is poisonous is just plain creepy. I suddenly felt an itch because of all these animals.

  3. I have a question. Why do poisonous animals always have neon colors?