Mishka the talking dog

Mishka is not the first dog to be able to speak some human words. But she is certainly the first dog to be able to speak a lot of human words and being able to respond to specific phrases. Mishka specialty is to pronounce "Hello", "I love you", "I am hungry" and even "no" when asked a specific question like "Are you stupid, Mishka?".

Mishka is definitely a smart Siberian Husky dog, and she lives in the United States with her owner Matt Gardea. Mishka even earns quite a good amount of money taking part in commercials and adverts. The talking dog is 11 years old and has a lot of fans across the Globe.

Mishka has her own chanel on YouTube and you could visit and hear all the words the dog speaks:


  1. Wow how did he do that? He certainly lacked the vocal capability to speak human words but it seems like he is trying so hard to speak the words.

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