Sloths - funny videos

The buckets of Sloths is exactly what it says - Showing a party time bucket full of sloths. They hug each other and play with each other but mainly just lay down in a lazy manner. that's usually sloths do anyway.

The video is done by Lucy Cooke to celebrate the launch of her first book 'A Little Book of Sloth'. The book contains pictures, facts and data about sloths and a great story of how they live in the first sloth orphanage. A percentage of all sales goes towards sloths conversation and support the animals directly. You can order the book here:

The sloths are really amazing animals - though endangered they never stop impressing people. Especially kids as sloths are really cute.

Here is another video, a funny collage of a yawning sloth. And of course it is all about Whitney Houston in as a back voice... Its really funny:


  1. I don't know that sloths can look so cute. This really relieves my stress. It is a video worth sharing as it can make someone's day.

  2. That's so sweet. What makes it even cuter is that they do it together.