Funny animal memes (part 4)

 Trust me - I am a lion

It is dangerous to go alone. Please take the cats with you.

 Dog: "Master, you have always took a good care of me... I will stay by your side until you get better"

Baby and a dog: "Wait, wait... you are telling me... if I pee in the yard, I get a treat?"

Alpaca out of nowhere on the pitch.

Getting jiggy with it -  you are doing it right dog.

I didn't choose the  dark side... the dark side has chosen me

Yogi bear?... No sir, I'm yoga bear.

Barking dog: "I don't always bark in the middle of the night, but when I do, Its for no fucking reason"

Fox: "Oh... you are installing Chrome"

Brushing the Slow Loris Kinako

The video shows the lovely Slow Loris Kinako, being brushed with a comb. Kinako was born in a pet shop in Japan. She has her venomous teeth and is happily living with a family there. It is amazing how cute the slow lorises are, and how close to their nature is behavior like: being tickled, brushed or just caressed.