Hedgehogs - cute and funny animals

Do you know that:
Hedgehogs possess incredible sense of smelling.
Hedgies can be found in woods, parks, farmland, gardens.
All hedgehogs are capable of swimming and climbing trees.

When hedgies are born, their spines are very short and very soft.
Hedgehogs eat mice, birds, worms, slugs, adore eggs and various plants and fruits.
Hedgehogs Latin (scientific) name is “Erinaceus europaeus”.

Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals. Also they hibernate from November to the end of March every year.
Strangely hedgies live up to 3 years in the wild and in captivity – up to 10 years.
Hedgehogs prefer leading solitary lives.

Hedgehogs are very loud animals. They make various rather loud sounds (sneezing, snorting, purring, squealing, etc.).
Hedgies are born with closed eyes.
Many people posses hedgehogs as pets. Hedgies are very interesting to look at, they are not aggressive and have no odour.

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