Kangaroos playing with their mother

Do you know that:
- Baby kangaroos, regardless of sex, are always called Joeys. Male kangaroos are known as Jacks, Bucks or Boomers. Female kangaroos are known as Jills, Does or Flyers.

- Kangaroos can survive months without drinking water. Also, very often when they need water, kangaroos will dig their own water wells to find it.

- The female kangaroo will give birth to a new Joey just when it is time to eject the older kangaroo from her pouch. During the time of transition, she will simultaneously produce two different types of milk for the different needs of her young kangaroos. Each Joey knows which milk is theirs and will only nurse from the appropriate one.

- Joeys can be seen peeking from their mothers pouch. The "two-headed" kangaroos shocked the early Australian explorers. When they returned to Europe they told strange stories about the “two-headed” monster but other folks rarely believed them.

In the end – here is a hilarious video of Remi Gaillard playing funny kangaroo:

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